Artificial Intelligence as a final verdict on old national elites

When Elon Musk talks about the new AI capable of establishing a dictatorship never seen before he hints at a true reason for the galloping development of AI and deep-learning technologies.

Do we really believe that playing Go or recognizing cats’ images are the sufficient grounds for spending billions of dollars for AI? Do digital giants such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and the like look like good samaritans carrying about humans at their own expense?

To those who can read between the lines a complex contemporary trend of the AI-based social reformation is clear: traditional nation-state elites are doomed to be replaced by smart machines all over the world. The state bureaucracy does not cope with governing people efficiently enough anymore. Highly corrupt, for the most part, bureaucratic national elites consume too much resources depriving supranational globocracy of a significant part of profit collected from the human flock. The old capitalism based on the Nation States is getting obsolete just because the State bureaucracy is getting more and more unfeasible in fleecing of the flock.

Trillions of dollars appeared on offshore accounts of various national bureaucrats due to state looting, and this is too costly for the backstage global rulers to keep the old world order as it is. The unprecedented fight against corruption unfolding before our eyes throughout the world in combination with diminishing of the Nation State through globalization are the links of the same chain. However, they are still lacking one critical element to complete the task — a powerful computer algorithm capable of replacing human bureaucrats to control the masses. This element is an advanced AI technology over which millions of AI developers are working now.

The final solution should be able to get rid of numerous ministries, parliaments, committees, and the other traditional components of the national governments. Digital governance instead of human-based governments is the final objective of all efforts in creating AI whatever other goals are declared by the tech giants today.

It is illustrative that a recently elected president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi talks about a “State in your smartphone” as about a basic doctrine he is going to approach. Ukraine, as we know, is one of the experimental playgrounds where different socio-political technologies are tested. An intentionally created conflict in Donbass region along with Russia’s annexation of Crimea gave the world quite a holistic picture of “hybrid wars”, for example. That’s why it is worth expecting that namely Ukraine can become the place where fine-tuning of a state-governing AI will be conducted before its final global deployment.

As for the fears of Mr. Musk regarding the new AI-powered dictatorship we all may shortly face, just the corrupt national elites will experience the strongest effect of it first. The days of national bureaucracies are numbered. Common people will hardly feel different from what they feel now — the oppression of a notorious “electronic concentration camp” won’t be severer than a contemporary routine where any personal data is not a secret anymore and “human rights” remain the fig leaf of a pseudo democracy. Hence, people should recognize AI as a mighty weapon of globocracy against national elites. That’s why we should be neither scared nor encouraged — the “great purification” will begin with the upper social strata.