Democracy Is Obsolete. Crypto Anarchy Is To Come

All problems and turbulence of the contemporary world beginning from the chronic fatigue and unemployment up to economic sanctions and wars are rooted in one major drawback of the civil society — the people’s inability to make informed and free choices. This is not because people of the civilized democratic world have degraded being unable to distinguish black from white (this is the fate of the blinkered population of authoritarian regimes and pseudo empires) but due to the actual impossibility to oppose a personal opinion to majority rule.

The very nature of democracy makes the opposition of one to many impossible. The one against all the others automatically becomes a looser, not worthy of interest, oftentimes a social outcast, and even a criminal. A crowd imposes their “own right decisions” on individuals by means of what we call culture.

When a president is elected by the 51-percent majority, the rest 49% MUST admit it as their own “free” choice too. Such an absurd and the obvious violence to individuals compose a basis of the entire contemporary democratic society.

Lone rangers are good for Hollywood blockbusters only. In the real world, the majority rules being embodied in the State structures — the institutions of coercion.

The whole contemporary business operates within a framework of the oppressed society. Both culture regulating people’s behavior via various codes of conduct and money issued by the centralized national banks constitute two main pillars on which the contemporary society is established along with those quite eroded relations of politics, economy, and production (destroying this planet in favor of profits of the state and private corporations), that is to say, of any sphere where an interaction of 1+ persons takes place.

But the most disgusting is that the absence of free choice dominates on the personal level as such as in social relations. Our thoughts are tightly fixed by the societal terminology. The epiphanies, ideas, and insights that we used to perceive as our own ones are conditioned by the upbringing and education being unable to reach beyond the sociocultural frameworks. This is the “embedded” democracy (majority rule) which in its essence is violence against personality.

The ages of cultural and historical suppression have created behavioral patterns backed up by the threat of the physical abuse coming from the state institutions of coercion. No matter whether a society is officially democratic or not. Any society just as much as any majority relates to any particular person in a fascistic manner. The mere majority rule has settled a fascist in our heads.

This very fascist forces us to accept (seemingly voluntarily) all that nonsense of the social contract that in fact is extortion — you have to agree with the view of the majority with a gun at your head.

You don’t accept another fork of Bitcoin? Ha, the fascist of crowd consensus snaps fingers at your personal opinion!

Any attempt to change the situation from the outside is destined to fail. Philosophies, religious cults, political and economic utopias have nothing to do with the fascist of crowd consensus firmly embedded into our thinking.

Sociologists together with philosophers have offered nothing truly liberating over the past 200 years, as well as nothing really enlightening has been offered by religions over the last 2000 years.

Sometimes it seems that only biological transformation — mutations, modifications of genome, or cyber implantation will be able to alter the nature of “homo comunis”. Probably, only a radical biological redesign is capable of freeing people up from the rigid framework of their mental Matrix.

Something like this is proposed by Elon Musk. However, at the current stage of the technical development it is hardly possible. Moreover, in all likelihood when such technological opportunity appears, the society will take all necessary measures of neutralization in order to maintain its status quo.

It seems, there is no way out, and the only fate of humankind is to endlessly suppress individuals in favor of crowds.

However, when the window of opportunity is locked from the outside, it is worth trying to open it from within. Maybe there is some technical tool capable of eroding the current system from within like a virus. What if it’s possible to use the ideologically neutral technical medium which connects billions of individuals throughout the world and which cannot be denied by humankind since it is the current stage of the social evolution.

Yes, the Internet is meant. Of course, Internet is also a part of a social contract. But the fact that the Internet formally belongs to nobody prevents it from executing the “fascistic” functions — the direct suppression and coercion. On the Internet each individual has a chance to be equal to many and even to outweigh the crowd consensus. On the internet, each person, every “little human” is able to disobey, to stop following the terms of social contracts that have been made without his/her consent, the contracts forced by the social-cultural heritage.

Look at Wikileaks activists, hackers, and crypto anarchists. They do not use the Internet as just an effective communications facility. By means of the Internet, they alter the very quality of social relations. By their very existence, they declare a right of individuals to stand on their own despite whether society likes it or not.

Of course, not the web itself makes hackers hackers. Their technological proficiency allows them to defend their personal autonomy and make their own independent choices.

Hence, the question comes to a particular Internet-based technology which can provide every user of a smartphone connected to the Internet with an ability to escape all social conventions. What can help an average technically inept citizen to oppose one to many and even to resist to all?

In order to achieve this, there should be a special protocol capable of eliminating all possible ideological, political, and financial intermediaries from any kind of private interactions of “free” individuals.

The only available technology encompassing everything above mentioned is Blockchain.

As a technology of peer-to-peer interconnections blockchain has been known since 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto a legendary and still elusive person represented a financial aspect of blockchain — Bitcoin. Since that time, some fascistic powers of public consciousness realizing the danger of blockchain for conventional patterns of the centralized world have been attempting significant but quite covert efforts to fix the technology within the context of cashless transactions only.

It is crucially important for the contemporary centralized world order to make blockchain either a super-specialized technology of financial settlement or a part of pop and game cultures that cannot be taken seriously by the average citizens.

Since blockchain resides on the Internet belonging to nobody personally and to everyone at a time, it cannot be physically destroyed or technically eliminated. However, it is still possible to compromise blockchain by making it inherent in the underground geek subculture irrelevant for the practical values of “serious” people so busy with surviving in the nowadays unbalanced world changing from one crisis to another.

Making blockchain officially illegal cannot compromise it completely — weapons, drugs, and prostitution are illegal in many countries that can hardly improve the criminal situation related to them. Much more efficient approach implies ether hushing up or primitivization of blockchain.

An unobtrusive but skillful propaganda claiming that blockchain does not solve any burning social, political, or economic problem can effectively neutralize the revolutionary potential of crypto anarchy. Especially when such a propaganda is vouched by some occasional (or intentionally induced like in the recent case of BTC-e) scandals within blockchain communities.

Another and also negative side of this coin is almost a total absence of a well developed ideological and philosophical background — the theory of crypto anarchy which should be actively promoted by the crypto activists themselves.

Unfortunately, here we can see the destructive impact of the similar fascistic social conventions forcing the majority of blockchain-based projects to focus on just a business component of the technology. Earning “easy money” becomes prevailing for many blockchain startups whose ICOs degenerate into ridiculously grotesque forms oftentimes.

Aside from the narrow specialized “constitutions” and “manifestos” available on websites of some particular blockchain projects reflecting their specific objectives there is no any fundamental work which can substantiate the significance and value of blockchain as the next and more progressive stage of evolution of human relations.

The core peer-to-peer paradigm of blockchain capable of liberating individuals from the tyranny of intermediaries in the form of legislations, borders, banks, constitutions, and many other conventional regulations still remains blurred in the realm of practices and architectures of numerous utilitarian business projects based on blockchain.

A paradoxical situation when practice outgoes theory takes place. The relative technological simplicity of smart contracts’ implementation or issuing own tokens makes many blockchain projects leave the theoretical and ideological rationale of blockchain aside.

From a practical viewpoint, the formula E=mc2 is almost useless for each individual. However, a mobile phone, TV, or the Internet as tangible implementations of E=mc2 are definitely useful for people, let alone the States so much obsessed by another implementation of the formula — the nuclear weapon. That’s why we all learn Einstein’s theory at school.

Blockchain also has its own formulas that are practically implemented in various DApps and services. However, a coherent theory, a well-formulated concept explaining how to transform the contemporary world of violence into the truly liberating crypto anarchy is still absent.

Nonetheless, there are several blockchain-based projects, such as Bitnation that are focused on the human dimensions of crypto economy — on the decentralization. Their program documents come close to the general theory of crypto anarchy sufficiently comprehensible for average people without a strong technical background.

However, any crypto Einstein has not appeared yet. The one who can explain in plain English that crypto anarchy is not a virtual game and blockchain is not a geeky pilpul. The one who can prove that from the social viewpoint crypto anarchy is not a “democracy on steroids” but the new approach to achieving an unprecedented level of equity while blockchain is a practical method of gaining a genuine personal liberty.

Crypto anarchy and blockchain need a brief but well-grounded theoretical basis in order to make any counter propaganda induced by centralization-oriented entities powerless. We need the clear and comprehensible definitions unequivocally proving that the governance 2.0 based on p2p paradigm is much more effective in its innate fairness for providing individual liberties than any other existing social system.

Every person should have an opportunity to easily realize the tremendous promise of crypto decentralization for personal development and individual welfare. The theory of crypto anarchy should provide people not only with a hope for better future but also with a reliable compass for proper orienteering in the sea of currently running blockchain-based projects.

The creators and owners of crypto-economy projects should be the ones who are interested in such a targeting first of all since the well-oriented users capable of making informed choices can easily become the new members of blockchain-based networks increasing the networks’ value, therefore.

Because we all are seeking the notorious network effect, right?




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