How To Alter The Global Economy With… Mud?

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Thank God people have finally realized the deep meaning of eco-friendly technologies. This is not about just humane ethics anymore. This is about our survival as species.

The entrepreneurs who care about only their profits can be at ease since extra expenses for adding eco-friendly options to their business pay off significantly. Moreover, what we know as “green” industries constitute the only feasible business ideas in these days.

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Myths # 1 to debunk:

The so-called virtual sector of the contemporary economy should not be underestimated, of course. Google, Facebook, Twitter as well as numerous fancy crypto projects own just virtual assets in the form of either publicly consumable content or ephemeral cryptocurrencies. And they really succeed.

What is the value of your coin along with your oil when nobody wants to deal with you?

Perhaps, Mr. Maduro missed a chance to reform the very socio-economic basis of the real-sector economy of Venezuela, and now he has to place hopes in virtual crypto miracles…

However popular and profitable virtual products can be, they cost nothing without a “real-world carrier” granting them the very existence.

Thus, the real-sector economy is prior to any virtual one. And what do we need to produce a smartphone, for example?

Myth #2:

Have you ever wondered why the electronics remain quite expensive despite the huge number of the currently available manufacturers?

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The fact is that no onshore terrains have long been “terra incognita” geologically speaking.

Only two large areas remain insufficiently explored with regard to mineral resources — Antarctica and Eastern Siberia. And they both will remain in such a state in the near term most probably.

Is there a chance to change the current situation in principle?

Leaving aside some speculative propositions about the industrial-scale commercial mining on other planets, the chance to find another rich source of minerals is available.

In contrast to all onshore mineral deposits occupied by the existing mining enterprises, much bigger unexplored deposits are still waiting to appear in the “aqua incognita”.

Wemean the seabed mineral deposits containing billions of tons of minerals in the form of ferromanganese nodules and REY-rich mud. Even approximate estimations regarding their volume suggest providing the whole humanity with minerals for hundreds of years!

Have you ever heard anything about Mexico with regard to any valuable minerals supply?

Whether ignorance, whether negligence but the total indifference of the Mexican Government about such a gift from God is really puzzling…



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