How To Alter The Global Economy With… Mud?

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Thank God people have finally realized the deep meaning of eco-friendly technologies. This is not about just humane ethics anymore. This is about our survival as species.

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Myths # 1 to debunk:

What is the value of your coin along with your oil when nobody wants to deal with you?

However popular and profitable virtual products can be, they cost nothing without a “real-world carrier” granting them the very existence.

Myth #2:

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The fact is that no onshore terrains have long been “terra incognita” geologically speaking.

Is there a chance to change the current situation in principle?

In contrast to all onshore mineral deposits occupied by the existing mining enterprises, much bigger unexplored deposits are still waiting to appear in the “aqua incognita”.

Have you ever heard anything about Mexico with regard to any valuable minerals supply?





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