“Seabed Mining Race”: How To Objectify Virtual Crypto With Real Metals (Part I)

Just through our game, the collaborative efforts of all involved parties can save the oceanic biodiversity when the renewable mineral deposits are kept always renewable under a proper mining process.

  • Hunters penalize captured Poachers;
  • Poachers redistribute illegally mined nodules among Diggers of the same Pool;
  • Scouts exchange valuable geological info for nodules from the other gamers;
  • Diggers offer their large bunkers to share with smaller miners who do not want to spend their time for floating up to ship nodules to the Company’s vessels;
  • Wealthy gamers offer the other ones some extra options in a lease;
  • Pool Moderators conduct an in-pool casting to arrange the best proportion of the internal roles the pool gamers can play;
  • Single independent players offer various services they can provide to play particular roles the pools are currently lacking etc.
  1. as a “gamer-as-a-gamer” and
  2. as a “gamer-as-an-investor”.

Just the collaborative crypto mining can make the game self-supporting within the virtual environment without any income coming from the real-sector business.





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Konstantin Rovinskiy

Konstantin Rovinskiy


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